We won the UK Innovate Inclusion Award! (Jun 07, 2023)

Proud! We have won the Innovate UK KTN Inclusive Innovation Award to further develop our APP, to deliver free sustainability education to millions of children.

Fifty pioneering companies across the UK have each been awarded £50,000 to further develop their inclusive innovations through Innovate UK’s Inclusive Innovation Award– from an AI-driven smart glove that live-translates sign language into speech, to interactive voice reminders that empower people with dementia to live more independently.

The Inclusive Innovation Award recognises that it is vital for all parts of society to engage with innovation as a process that they can both benefit from and contribute to. Inclusive innovation rejects the notion that a product or service should be designed around the ‘average customer.’ By ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are considered from the outset of innovation design a business can maximise its chances of commercial success by broadening its potential customer base – whilst also mitigating the risk of creating innovations that deepen existing inequalities and widen societal gaps.

Further details here: https://iuk.ktn-uk.org/projects/inclusive-innovation/solar-for-schools/

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